Software Development

We specialize in Custom .NET Enterprise Application / Software Development in meeting your business needs. Our US-based, expert employees will provide full requirements analysis, project management, and technical architecture oversight for the entire duration of your business application needs. We firmly believe in order to develop the best solution that we need a thorough understanding of your goals from both business and technical perspectives. Working round the clock, we utilize our expert, international development resources in implementing and supporting your desired enterprise web or mobile applications quickly and cost effectively. Throughout the duration of the development process, we take initiative to provide frequent updates and hands-on testing in order to obtain your real-time feedback to ensure that you get the ends results that you desire.

ERM Solution

We developed a suite of enterprise applications to enable business success by fulfilling core business profitability functions. Our Lead Generation platform is a web-based, on demand application that enables you to organize and track your sales leads. Whether you take it out of the box or request configurations or customizations, we built this application in mind to connect you with your potential customers to drive profitable business results. Next, we wanted to focus on enabling you to hire the best talent. Our Applicant Tracking System enables you to manage your recruitment process end-to-end. All of our hosted enterprise applications utilize core foundational capabilities, including Search/Browse, List Management, Custom Forms, Workflow, Email Management, User Management, Online Storage, and Security. Please contact us for a product demo.

IT Services

To complement our core development expertise, we offer a myriad of IT Consulting services that span IT Business Consulting, Product Management, Software QA, Site Maintenance, and Dev Management/Architecture support. Businesses today have on-going technology challenges. In sifting through all the noise, we understand our customers may need to supplement their current IT initiatives. Our team is ready to cater to your various software development needs.